Hot Drinks

Brewed Coffee29 kr
Latte39 kr
Espresso25 kr
Double Espresso35 kr
Cappuccino39 kr
Americano35 kr
Tea Ecologic35 kr
Decoction Infusion29 kr
Chocolate Drink Ecologic35 kr
Milk AlternativeOat Milk

Cold Drinks

Ramlösa (Carbonated Water)20 kr
Pepsi, Zingo, 7up20 kr
Apelsin Juice Krav Labelled25 kr
Gärdetsmusteri Cider 25 cl Local25 kr

Light Beer

Carlsberg Organic 3,5% 33 cl29 kr
Carlsberg 3,5% 50 cl35 kr
Carlsberg Unfiltered 3,5% 50 cl35 kr
Staropramen 3,5% 33 cl29 kr
Staropramen 3,5% 50 cl35 kr
Tuborg Guld 3,5% 50 cl 35 kr
Guiness 3,5% 44 cl39 kr
Falcon Bayerskt 3,5% 50 cl35 kr
Brooklyn ½ Ale 3,5% 35 cl29 kr


Somersby Cider Apple 0,0% 27,5 cl25 kr


Croissant29 kr
Pain Au Chocolat35 kr
Banana Cake Homemade49 kr
Raspberry/Chocolate Muffin39 kr
Chocolate Ball Vegan39 kr

Sandwich – Baguette

Cheese & Ham ”Le Parisien”59 kr
Toast Skagen Homemade59 kr
Vegetables Hummus, Avocado, Sun-dried tomatoes Vegan & Homemade49 kr

Heated Food

Lasagna Homemade89 kr
Croque Monsieur Homemade69 kr


BBQ Kyckling & Bacon59 kr
Pesto Mozzarella Vegetarian59 kr

Pie - Quiche

Varied Content
Served with salad Homemade
69 kr
Vegetarian Homemade69 kr


Ceasar Chicken, Bacon, Croutons with Dressing of choice Homemade79 kr
Vegan Quinoa, Chickpeas, Red Onions and Tomatoes Homemade69 kr
Tahini, Ceasar and Balsamic vinegar Homemade0 kr

Time for Lunch?

Welcome to stop by or order for Take-Away
Sail-In is also an option for those of you who come by boat on Glafsfjorden.

Boj finns vid Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter på Ingestrand,
The water by the dock is 60 cm deep.
We can also paddle out your order to you, if you choose.

Caféet är nu stängt för säsongen

Mon - Sun, 11am - 6pm
Enviromentally friendly packaging. Swish Payments Only

We hope you enjoy a nice meal and happy sailing!
At Arvika Kanot & Turistcenter there is a cozy little café
with a lovely outdoor restaurant where you can look out over Glafsfjorden.

Here you can enjoy baguettes, pastries and simple dishes such as pie and salad.
Or why not start the day with a delicious breakfast of croissants, muesli and fruit?
Vegetarian and vegan options are available.

We use organic and locally produced products as much as possible.

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Arvika, Sverige

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0570-182 46 Mon - Sun, 11am - 6pm

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